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Let’s guess what this campaign is about !

Let me give you clues… !

1. Shot entirely in Auckland over five intensive days and nights in both the city and suburban areas, the TV commercial features deers which for two months were  trained by specialist trainers to ‘act’ out specific scenes for this campaign.

2. Set to The Prodigy’s epic track, ‘Breathe’, the ad shows us the ultimate journey of deees in a nocturnal migration.

Ideas ? Fight for the animal protection?

Let’s watch the answer …

The Australian brand symbol since 1869 is now stars in the much anticipated new television campaign for Tooheys Extra Dry (TED). The TV commercial will be supported by an outdoor, print and  digital campaign featuring stags as well as street posters and giant  paste-ups placed around the city on nocturnal migration routes.

And you, what do you think about it ?


Hi everyone, I am back !!

End of the summer, studies resumed, i decided to begin this new academic year with an article about the Charlize Theron’s new Dior J’Adore ad campaign.


The actress Charlize Theron unveils her second advertising for Christian Dior’s J’Adore Eau de Parfum. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, this campaign is a renew of the old campaign (created in 2009), in which one, the same actress was doing a glamorous and memorable striptease on the music of Marvin Gaye.(see on the lateral bar)
Five years after, the stake is big. To meet the challenge, the luxurious brand Dior, provided a phenomenal budget, supporting the huge means installed by Jean-Jacques Annaud’s teams. In a “frenchy-luxe” decor, the brand chose the best for this campaign: the “Palais des Glaces” ofVersailles, a beautiful actress, music attractive… and above all, amazing computer images praiseworthy.
However, some of you were troubled, discovering in this spot, faces of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlène Dietrich. Why? Because those computer images are simply incredible, during the 1.32 min of video you were face to face with the most important muses of the history.

Reading an article describing the campaign, I understood better why this campaign could be the beginning of a new step in the marketing. Indeed, during the70’, M. Mori established a theory explaining that more a robot is similar to a human, more its imperfections seem to be subhuman.



In this case, it could have consequences on the creation of future ads: Using dead characters in campaign could be a new strategy to attract the consumer. Also, a run to the image technology could be the new Hollywood war.

However, don’t you think that using dead people in campaigns could affect and trouble the consumer in the distinction between real life and virtual life?  

Playing with this new tool, we could see soon, a people such asCher or Brigitte Bardot, younger, presenting a new product as the Iphone 5.


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