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Slightly acid the new campaign of Vuitton for the spring & summer 2012 collection is bringing us back to the 50’s and elates us to a pink and lightless world !

We can not wait the end of winter !


I have been particulary touched by the music in the last Cacharel’s campaign : « Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss »

 Beautiful and sensual I love it !

Music can serve the overall promotional goals in one or more of several capacities and can contribute to an effective broadcast advertisement. For that, brands are looking for music more and more memorable and attractive in order to draw the audience’s attention.

Good music can contribute to the effectiveness of an advertisement merely by making it more attractive. A good ad engages the attention of an audience, and the most straightforward way of achieving this is to fashion an appeal which is entertaining. Some brand chose to have starggered music such as the last campaign of Dior, which present a twinkling, at punchy sound ….

Others, as Lanvin, maked dance its mannequin on a Pitbull song…

Strange mix, this campaign can disturb the audience.

Finally to be memorable, brands are ready to get out from its world, suggesting more and more campaigns where music is a key of sucess.

Let’s see what kind of mix (music-brand image) brands are going to suggest  in order to have the most original and memorable campaign !?