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Dior launched on the 9th January, its new mini film for 2012 highlighting it its latest Couleurs shadow collection.



In other news, Mila Kunis of ‘Black Swan’ infamy and Hollywood’s latest bad It Girl have been announced as the new face for Dior.



Between identification, fantasy and recognition, there is a really infatuated with celebrity marketing.

However, I noticed that luxury brands taking new faces, new muses, less famous, for their campaigns.

Indeed, we can take for example, the last Yves Saint Laurent’s campaign for Opium, which take for muse, the actress Emily Blunt, knew as Emily in the Devil wears Prada.



It is a great marketing strategy. In fact, after Charlize Theron , Dior invited Mila Kunis, a rising star, to be the new face of the brand.

Less famous than stars as the beautiful Charlize, Mila is maybe more accessible and help consumers to mix dreams and accessibility. ..