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Between Marion Cotillard and Christian Dior, the romance continues. After Lady Noire Affair, Lady Grey, Lady Blue, Lady Rouge, L-Ady Dior, Marion Cotillard returns to the glory of the mythical bag.

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior dans le 1er épisode Fantasia du documentaire Dior.

This time, the actress plays his own role as a lover of Dior. Creative workshops, preparations for a gala day, she brings us behind the scenes of her relationships with the house.

If the teaser started like a fairy tale of modern times, Marion Cotillard pierces , in this first part of this series of web-documentaries, the secret of her charisma with a raffia versions of Lady Dior.

Episode 1 : Fantasia

Episode 2 :  Up and up

Coming soon on

Episode 3 : Métamorphose

Episode 4 : Lily’s body

Episode 5 : 360° Bag

Episode 6 : Epilogue

Episode 7 : Lady for a day

Stay tuned !