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Hello everyone!


I was studying at the European Business School in London and during 10 weeks I needed to post every week, one news, (one interesting news) in order to learn and discuss about the financial media and communication.  I wanted to focus my blog on the Advertising and all the fresh campaigns all around the world. At the end of my semester in London, I decided to continue the experience…


Why focus my blog on the advertising?

Well, advertising was initially used to stimulate the demand or increase the sales but today, advertising is much more than that. Advertising is everywhere: in the street, in the tube, in supermarket, on the TV…


Crazy thing: Studies show that on average, we see 3000 ads per day !! 

There is the view that fashion, cosmetic, and spirit brands advertise to build their « image », their cool, their mystique. Like all brands they largely advertise to build and refresh salience. To keep buyers thinking about them. And even though luxuries are expensive they still need to reach a broad audience.


 I hope it will help you to understand better why companies spend so much money in advertising and discover the crazier, cooler and unforgettable advertising!

 So everyone, let’s start and be careful : there are everywhere!


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can I get your email to update you

see AR mobile marketing client

best wisg

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