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Dear readers,

 Writing 10 articles in 10 weeks was a first for me.   I tried to post interesting advertising news in order to learn and discuss about a subject I like.  Even if my first post doesn’t enter in my theme, I wanted to focus my blog on the Advertising and all the campaigns all around the world. 

 However, keeping a blog is not easy. Indeed, I experienced unexpected droughts of inspiration, difficultly maintaining a schedule, or succumb to the pressures of always needing fresh content.

 I hope my articles interested you and I would like to thank you for having shared your impressions and opinions with me.

 Now, my semester is about to end and a new chapter begin. I don’t know yet if I will write again on this blog, but create a blog, was for me a real opportunity to express myself and share my opinions and knowledge with you, readers.

 Thank for having contributed to the evolution of this blog.

To finish , The last film of Dior with Marion Cotillard, Ian McKellen, and Russell Tovey. Don’t hesitate to comment it !