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Long time i did not write on this blog… Actually, i am in internship in Magency Digital a digital event agency.

Let’s discover what is it exactly… Far from my other articles, this video will present you the offer I sell as commercial, in this young and innovative agency !



For sure, this company is going to set fire to the event market !

Don’t hesitate to comment !



With more than 700 millions of members in the world, Facebook is, for brands, the place to be. Facebook provides spaces dedicated to professionals (brands, institutions…) allowing network’s members to become “fan”. For example, the fan page of Chanel gathers 4 millions of fans, but how many of fans are consumers?

Using Facebook, is not limited to have a fan page. “Fans need to be feed with attractive contents and can not be disappointed”, says Emmanuel Fraysse, author of « Facebook, Twitter and social web : the new business opportunities » (Ed. Kawa).  Consequently, brands can not launch into Facebook without a specific goal. “Fan page can be a delude if you don’t know what you really want to do”.

 So, why spend on social marketing? I found this video quite interesting…

Mobile advertising is becoming an essential pillar of a successful online marketing strategy. Indeed, according to StrikeAd report, « of those agencies actively including mobile into their clients’ campaigns, the majority of spend was below £50,000 in 2010. A breakdown of the data reveals that 28.3% of agencies’average spend on mobile was less than £10,000, while 30.4% of agencies spent an average of £10,001-£20,000 per mobile campaign, and 32.6% spent an average of between £20,001-£50,000. »

Why agencies are increasing their spend in mobile advertising? 

Well, because of the globalisation and the saturation of home country, companies become more and more international, setting their business in foreign markets. As the result, marketing continues to be challenged to prove its effectiveness, searching « for creative ideas and attention-getting images ». Developping advertising through mobile is, I think, a good way for « better learnings on ad network performance.”

Are high-end brands on too many low-end channels?

« Luxury consumers are presented with a barrage of media choices in which to connect with brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Web sites, phone numbers and YouTube accounts. » Because of the mobile advertising developpement, brands are still trying to decide about their communication strategy.

“A brand should use every available channel that is consistent with the brand’s position,”  said Al Ries, president of marketing strategy consultancy Ries & Ries, Roswell, GA. “High-end brands, of course, should avoid channels that are considered low-end channels.”

“The key challenge for brands is to use the different platforms appropriately – not all messages are right for all mediums,” Ms. Danziger said. “They need to find which messages should be delivered via Twitter, which via Facebook, which from the company Web site, and use them accordingly. 

 However, a lack of data – or as Claire Valoti, head of online and mobile at Mindshare, puts it, “there is an abundance of data, but a lack of the right data”. The fragmentation of the mobile industry has prompted agencies to call for mobile standardisation, but this is symptomatic of the mobile industry and is more likely to get worse before the situation improves. Also, agencies continue to ask for a greater understanding of the mobile medium.

In my opinion, luxury brands should, in fact, avoid this new platform to not affect their brand image. Consequently, brands must look for a correct way to market themselves and stick with it. As said Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing, Stephens, PA :  “Web sites are the ideal medium to deliver those fact-filled data basics about the product and brand.”


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