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H&M had, years ago, a great idea: To go in partnership with celebrities from the fashion or the show business world such as Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo… and the last one, Versace, which the collection has been launched few days ago creating diverging opinions.

Since several years, H&M is considerably changing, shattering the fashion world, offering chic and cheap collections. In other words, the brand sells cheap products under a non cheap name. Indeed, in the 60s, H&M goes to the conquest of the international market, settling in The UK, France, or Germany. Thanks to a great marketing and communication strategy, the brand is more than waited everywhere.
First it doesn’t hesitate to use all the modern and tendency technologies. Recently, we also saw a flash mob in San Francisco’s street for its Kids Collection.

And for all who don’t leave from their house, H&M settled in the Game “The Sims 2”. The company is now walking on the luxury flowerbeds. For that, H&M is looking for celebrities generally used to Haute couture fashion show to represent the brand as Claudia Schiffer or pop singers such as Kylie Minogue, taking the pose for clothes less than 10€. So, H&M is marrying the haute couture’s code (glamorous and sensuality) with mass consumptions without hesitating to join forces with famous designers such as Sonia Rykiel or the last one, Donatella Versace.

So what do you think about this new commercial?

Strange music, strange characters…. Are we those robots?

For me, this video is like a hide message. A factory of robots managed by other robots and eyes which are looking everywhere…. It is a little bit as consumers in a market, studied by marketers. Marketers who are looking everywhere, trying to find a new products, a new collection, attracting everyone, creating a society of robots, same clothes, same thoughts…

Our houses. Their rules. Their pleasure !

After Hermès, Clarins is becoming a geek. In partnership with My Little Paris, the brand is promoting its new powder “pixel”.

Far from its classical packaging, the brand is trying a new look, as a special edition. You can now play on My Little Game and win this beautiful palette.

So original and cute, I can not wait to have it !

Last year, one month before Christmas, brands were looking for a new way to seduce consumers, offering limited offers of one of its products. Nivea was not an exception and suggested a limited edition of its “classic cream” under a new packaging. It chose to add on its legendary cover, ice crystals and twinkling stars.  Those elements remembered the origin of the word “Nivea” which means snow in Latin.

This year, Nivea will launch a special edition. Indeed, for the Valentines’ day and until the Mother’s Day, the brand will present on its blue covers, emoticons. This limited edition will be on sale from the February 1st to the April 30th 2012. Those emoticons, are they really attractive for you ?

For me, the packaging is not really attractive. I think that, even if the brand plays on its famous blue and white look, which didn’t change a lot since its launch in the twenties, is not really modern and innovative.

First modern skin care cream of the 1910s, Nivea knows an immediate success. Sold first in pharmacies, the box was yellow, symbol of the women’s fair complexion. It is in the 20s that the box will become blue. Its recognizable fragance,provokes souvenirs.


The brand is now focusing all its strategy on its know how and sells each year, around 100 millions of blue boxes ! However, the brand is now associated its old know how and sucess to a young and famous singer, Rihanna. For its 100 years old, the brand decided to have the beautiful Rihanna as muse.

With the Rihanna‘s help (who accepted to pose nude), the brand hoped to attract new generations. The new face will sing its song ‘Loud” in the commercial of the brand. Also, I think it could be interested to Nivea, to think about a new packaging, more modern, giving it a young touch…

With more than 700 millions of members in the world, Facebook is, for brands, the place to be. Facebook provides spaces dedicated to professionals (brands, institutions…) allowing network’s members to become “fan”. For example, the fan page of Chanel gathers 4 millions of fans, but how many of fans are consumers?

Using Facebook, is not limited to have a fan page. “Fans need to be feed with attractive contents and can not be disappointed”, says Emmanuel Fraysse, author of « Facebook, Twitter and social web : the new business opportunities » (Ed. Kawa).  Consequently, brands can not launch into Facebook without a specific goal. “Fan page can be a delude if you don’t know what you really want to do”.

 So, why spend on social marketing? I found this video quite interesting…


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